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How We Build Your Website To Attract Customers

Across search engines like Google and Bing, users in your small town, city, metropolis or country make millions of searches per hour looking for services like yours. This places your business, services and products in higher competition among all other competing websites big and small vying for the same customers. You may think that there are enough customers to go around, but that is very misleading. The average person barely visits the 2nd page of Google search engine results page. The same user behaviour is found with users accessing Bing search engine results page.

Websites on page 1 of search engines are attracting 90% of users making queries on the search engine. This means that users are skimming through websites quickly to choose one of the top 10 - 20 sites listed. The average person spends just 52 seconds to decide if a site is worth their time to keep browsing it.

It is therefore paramount that your site is impressive, direct, clean, mobile friendly, loads quickly and easy for users to find service summaries, descriptions and your contact information. Just picking a template and winging it, hardly produces the user traffic and conversion you are expecting. A professional web developer/ content developer is needed to set your site up for good user retention.

Here are our processes to making your website attract users to potentially convert them into customers:

Easy-to-Remember or Catchy Domain Names

One common mistake business owners make is assuming their domain has to be their full company name. Not all company names make good domain names — especially if your company is not a household name. We show you how to pick a major service keyword, abbreviation, part of the company name, etc. to create a catchy and easy to remember domain name.

We also recommend to you variations of domains you need to own, to prevent your competition from owning them to redirect users, your referrals and customers to their websites. Anyone can pick a domain name similar to yours or exactly as yours but with a .net, .org, .biz, .ca, .com, .shop, etc. if you haven't registered those, and build landing pages to redirect your potential customers to their business.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

62.06% of your website traffic i.e. people visiting your website, comes through the use of browsing the internet on mobile devices. 92.1% of users online access the internet using a mobile phone. At any given time, there are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users. This means that 6-8 in 10 people — even those already referred by your existing customers to your services and products, will make their first interaction with your business on the internet using their mobile phones.

Your website and how it shows on all the mobile phones is very integral in retaining potential customers. We build it so it is easy to navigate the pages with tabs, menus and links. All forms of contact functionality and social media integrations are present to enable users connect with you. Good images, videos, font and typography are all presented in a clean, easy to read yet attractive and cohesive manner to keep users hooked on your website.

Search Engine Optimization — SEO

It doesn't matter what a person is looking for online, they will always search for it on Google and Bing. Even when presented with a TV ad or a flyer ad, 9 in 10 people will enter the major keyword or product on the ad on Google or Bing before visiting the ad site or the top site that shows up.

Every service will be looked up on Google and Bing before a user connects with any of the websites showcasing that service in the top searches. A brand new site, no matter how gorgeous without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as useless as a diamond in the center of the earth. If the majority of users in your local area or city do not know about your website, to visit it and potentially become paying customers — what's the point of having it?

WebsiteGuru presents to you various options to have consistent and constant Search Engine Optimization applied to your website. We optimize the pages of your site using complex SEO rules and tools to compete well in your catchment area and far reaching city borders to drive traffic to your website.

Regular Website Updates & Upgrades

No matter what industry you’re in, products or services you provide, visitors and customers are constantly looking for what is new what’s. That's why you always see larger corporations repackage the same offers and deals with different promotional names, design, and videos. We are always on the look out adding new content, and integrating promotional packages every month or two on your website. We also keep your business up to date on social media by implementing several ideas and viral campaigns once you add that value to your marketing and support needs

Our web design, support, social media and SEO packages are built to make your business and portfolio succeed.

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Hello Sales Reps!

Guru-365™ Support is our effective solution to provide you with an extension of your business that caters to all your digital marketing and digital media needs at a fraction of the cost — compared to your in-house overhead costs or traditional agency rates for the same results.

Support includes packages, bundles, and Pay-as-You-Go options comprising:

If you decide Guru-365™ Support isn't for you - no problem. No commitment. Cancel anytime with ZERO penalties and fees.

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Recommended web design, digital marketing, and AV media services for starter to small businesses, small non-profits, and religious institutions. View bundle options — apply "15% OFF" discount code on any selected bundle.6

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Guru-365™ GROW BIG

The most reliable and comparatively cheaper source of long-term online user traffic generation for your business is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. View bundle options — apply "20% OFF" discount code on any "GROW BIG" bundle.6

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Guru-365™ DOMINATE

This is it! Your business, brand, or non-profit urgently needs a national reach online. You are craving extended success where "household name" is the goal. View options — apply "30% OFF" discount code on "DOMINATE" bundles.6

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Guru-365™ ISR is our Independent Sales Representative program created to offer marketing and sales gurus the ability to earn 30% - 50% commission on lead conversions. The compensation structure is fair and allows smart-minded industrious sales persons to potentially earn exactly half of what we make on any service.

[A] Commisions are paid in 7 days including weekends. 30% or 50% of the commission is paid out if the service terms required the client to make a 30% or 50% deposit to start the service; respectively.

[B] If a sales rep. was only able to convert 1 lead per month for 3 months, they get a 40% commission on the last lead conversion at the end of the year or 50% commission if the sum total of months in a given year of lead conversions are 6 or more.

[C] This means, even if a sales rep. is not able to meet monthly targets to earn higher commissions per month, the sum total of lead conversions in a year are factored into earning 40% or 50% commission on the last lead conversion.

[D] If a sales rep. in a single service, brings in $10,000 minimum lead conversion, a $1000 bonus will also be awarded to them in December of that year.

[E] Sales reps. get customized rates and subscription plans to effectively sell. We may work with your lead's budget as long as the math adds up.

30% = 1-2 Sales5 in a month
40% = 3-5 Sales 5 in a month
50% = 6+ Sales5 in a month

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Get Paid for referring websites

Our monthly and bundled4 Guru-365™ Support services for your website and digital marketing mean that we assume full responsibility for the maintenance of the site, provide content updates, and build on higher Google and Bing1 search engine organic ranking. We also provide essential services like monthly security updates on the website programming language, mail server, and SSL certificate if/ and when needed. All Guru-365™ Support for websites comes with the option to have host host your website and business emails. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Read more about this on [2]. If you wish to move your website away from our hsoting services, packaging the site files to hand them over to you is $175 or the current rate. If you would like us to reinstall the site on your hosting service, the rate is $150 or the current rate. Please secure a different hosting service before requesting a cancellation. If you would like us to migrate the site to another host with no downtime to your site visibility online, the current website migration rates will apply with payment completed before we migrate. Most migrations take about 45 minutes to 5 hours depending on files pacakging, and your new hosting service tools and policies.

[1] Bing search engine organic ranking is only included in selected bundles and packages. Only Google search engine organic ranking is included in all packages. [2] This only applies to atleast 1 year old services. After atleast 1 year, if we host your website and/ or emails and you decide to pause services whilst hoping to maintain website visibility and/ or email access, we will revert to our most basic servce, Tier 1. This is the rate applied for essential services which are required to still keep the website running. However, if your web space (website files, database, and emails) consume up to 20GB, the rate will be $99.99 per month. If we do not host your website and you wish to cancel services under 1 year old, the cacnellation fees will be $35 per page if the site is 10 pages or less, and $25 per page if the site is over 10 pages. If the site has a customized plugin/ extension at the time of cacellation in under 1 year of service, the full rate of the plugin/ extension must be paid as well. You can downgrade and upgrade services in your next billing cycle. If you downgrade a service, the date of downgrade is the start of a new service year. If you upgrade a service it is a continuation from the previous service in that same year. [3] When we shut down or pause your digital marketing per your request, we do not control how long remnants of it/ breadcrumbs stay on the internet. Search engines cache contents of websites even after they hav been shutdown. Most search engines may cache aspects of your digital marketing breadcrumbs for months to years even after a permanent shutdown. [4] Bundled services are combined services over an agreed fixed number of months or years in order to pay a lower rate, compared to a standard service of individual packages. Bundle services can be renewed at the end of the cycle or switched to a standard package. Switching from a bundled service to a standard package can only occur at the end of the bundled service cycle. Canceling a bundled service you have already paid for before the cycle does not guarantee any refunds. We may however choose to apply the balance to a transferrable package(s) depending on the details and status of the service request. All Guru-365™ Support services can be canceled within 24 hours of subscribing. However, a 10% fee will be deducted from the payment made to process the refund. Refunds may take up to 10 business days. [ 5] A sale(s) refers to a lead conversion where a customer or client has made full payment or a deposit based on the terms for that service. [6] Offers are invalid once they disappear from the website if a purchase or a deposit had not been paid before they were taken down. We encourage customers to read all details and disclaimers before subscribing to or purchasing any of our services. [7] All services cannot run at the same time in a month. Only one will run per month based on client preferences, SEO data, or product roll-out. If for any reason our website has not explained a service to your complete understanding, feel free to use the contact form, or chat widget to ask questions before making a purchase. Services can be cancelled before the next billing cycle.