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TIP #1:
Marketing online reaches a larger audience than any other form. SEO is the most effective yet cheapest longterm marketing tool to attract more customers. Social media marketing is not a joke - get on board.

Discounts Expire Feb 1

TIP #2:
Please expect at least 4 months for the first results to propagate. SEO should be done months ahead of your intended peak season to compete well for years staying among the top on Google & Bing SERP.

Discounts Expire Feb 1

TIP #3:
Google, Bing and Social Media Ads stop immediatley your money runs out. SEO may take some time to show but it keeps you in competiton on Google and Bing search for years - long after the service has ended.

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Our monthly and bundled4 Guru-365™ Support services for your website and digital marketing mean that we assume full responsibility for the maintenance of the site, provide content updates, and build on higher Google and Bing1 search engine organic ranking. We also provide essential services like monthly security updates on the website programming language, mail server, and SSL certificate if/ and when needed. All Guru-365™ Support for websites comes with the option of free hosting service and free allocated webmail space for your business emails. You may cancel your subscription at any time with ZERO penalties. Just secure a different hosting service before requesting a cancellation - if we are currently hosting your website and you would like to terminate your services with us. If at the time of cancelation, we are hosting your site, and you would like the website files back, it is free to send them to you. If you would like us to migrate the site to another host with no downtime to your site visibility online, the current website migration rates will apply with payment completed before we migrate. Most migrations take about 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on servers and your new hosting service tools and policies. You can opt out of free hosting and host the site yourself whilst still subscribing to any of our services. Service and maintenance will be provided as listed in the package/ bundle you choose.

[1] Bing search engine organic ranking is only included in selected bundles and packages. Only Google search engine organic ranking is included in all packages. [2] If we host your website and/ or emails and you decide to pause services whilst hoping to maintain website visibility and/ or email access, we will revert to our standard $39.99 per month charges on a 10GB web space occupied by your site. This is the rate applied for essential services which are required to still keep the website running. However, if your web space (website files, database, and emails) consume between 20GB to 40GB, the rate will be $69.99 and 139.99 per month; respectively. [3] When we shut down or pause your digital marketing per your request, we do not control how long remnants of it/ breadcrumbs stay on the internet. Search engines cache contents of websites even after they hav been shutdown. Most search engines may cache aspects of your digital marketing breadcrumbs for months to years even after a permanent shutdown. [4] Bundled services are combined services over an agreed fixed number of months or years in order to pay a lower rate, compared to a standard service of individual packages. Bundle services can be renewed at the end of the cycle or switched to a standard package. Switching from a bundled service to a standard package can only occur at the end of the bundled service cycle. Canceling a bundled service you have already paid for before the cycle does not guarantee any refunds. We may however choose to apply the balance to a transferrable package(s) depending on the details and status of the service request. All Guru-365™ Support services can be canceled within 24 hours of subscribing. However, a 10% fee will be deducted from the payment made to process the refund. Refunds may take up to 10 business days. [ 5] A sale(s) refers to a lead conversion where a customer or client has made full payment or a deposit based on the terms for that service. [6] Offers are invalid once they disappear from the website if a purchase or a deposit had not been paid before they were taken down. We encourage customers to read all details and disclaimers before subscribing to or purchasing any of our services. [7] All services cannot run at the same time in a month. Only one will run per month based on client preferences, SEO data, or product roll-out. If for any reason our website has not explained a service to your complete understanding, feel free to use the contact form, or chat widget to ask questions before making a purchase. Services can be cancelled before the next billing cycle.