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How does web design and SEO drive customers to your business?

Your website without SEO - Search Engine Optimization, will not be able to generate any meaningful presence on Google, Bing and other search engines. This means, it will not be able to compete for commonly searched keywords and services by potential customers in the city or town you operate your business. In other words, if you do not have an active SEO service, your website will not show among the websites listed on the first page of Google and Bing search engine results page - SERP when users are looking for services like yours. Users googling or looking up Google and Bing for information about services like the ones your business provides, are 5x more likely to click websites that show at the top of the search results page. Only SEO offers the best level playing field for any business - startup, small or large - to compete for customers in a city, town or the entire country all year round.

Good website user experience converts users into customers

A well-designed website is very crucial for SEO to be effective. Yes, your website has to be built professionally to impress prospective customers and also adhere to complex rules and recommendations by Google and Bing to enhance higher ranking on search engines. An impressive, clean, beautiful website showing good typography, great use of colors, navigation or menus that are easy to access with detailed service descriptions, product categories, price list, and an integrated contact form or live chat agent, drastically improves conversion rate of users by turning them into customers once SEO drives them to access your website. WebsiteGuru specializes in developing good websites with strong SEO solutions to attract customers.

SEO will drive traffic to your website, so your competitive services can convert most of that traffic into customers.

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Hello Sales Reps!

Guru-365™ Support is our effective solution to provide you with an extension of your business that caters to all your digital marketing and digital media needs at a fraction of the cost — compared to your in-house overhead costs or traditional agency rates for the same results.

Support includes packages, bundles, and Pay-as-You-Go options comprising:

If you decide Guru-365™ Support isn't for you - no problem. No commitment. Cancel anytime with ZERO penalties and fees.

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We created these DISCOUNTS for you — to get you started on your next digital media project.

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$950 - $1400 Bundles on 15% Discount

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Recommended web design, digital marketing, and AV media services for starter to small businesses, small non-profits, and religious institutions. View bundle options — apply "15% OFF" discount code on any selected bundle.6

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The most reliable and comparatively cheaper source of long-term online user traffic generation for your business is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. View bundle options — apply "20% OFF" discount code on any "GROW BIG" bundle.6

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This is it! Your business, brand, or non-profit urgently needs a national reach online. You are craving extended success where "household name" is the goal. View options — apply "30% OFF" discount code on "DOMINATE" bundles.6

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Guru-365™ ISR is our Independent Sales Representative program created to offer marketing and sales gurus the ability to earn 30% - 50% commission on lead conversions. The compensation structure is fair and allows smart-minded industrious sales persons to potentially earn exactly half of what we make on any service.

[A] Commisions are paid in 7 days including weekends. 30% or 50% of the commission is paid out if the service terms required the client to make a 30% or 50% deposit to start the service; respectively.

[B] If a sales rep. was only able to convert 1 lead per month for 3 months, they get a 40% commission on the last lead conversion at the end of the year or 50% commission if the sum total of months in a given year of lead conversions are 6 or more.

[C] This means, even if a sales rep. is not able to meet monthly targets to earn higher commissions per month, the sum total of lead conversions in a year are factored into earning 40% or 50% commission on the last lead conversion.

[D] If a sales rep. in a single service, brings in $10,000 minimum lead conversion, a $1000 bonus will also be awarded to them in December of that year.

[E] Sales reps. get customized rates and subscription plans to effectively sell. We may work with your lead's budget as long as the math adds up.

30% = 1-2 Sales5 in a month
40% = 3-5 Sales 5 in a month
50% = 6+ Sales5 in a month

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Get Paid for referring websites

Our monthly and bundled4 Guru-365™ Support services for your website and digital marketing mean that we assume full responsibility for the maintenance of the site, provide content updates, and build on higher Google and Bing1 search engine organic ranking. We also provide essential services like monthly security updates on the website programming language, mail server, and SSL certificate if/ and when needed. All Guru-365™ Support for websites comes with the option to have host your website and business emails. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you wish to move your website away from our hosting services, packaging the site files to hand them over to you is $75 as of 2024. If you would like us to reinstall the site on your hosting service, the rate is $185 as of 2024. Please secure a different hosting service before requesting a cancellation of service and request to have site moved to your hosting service account. If you would like us to migrate the site to another host with no downtime to your site visibility online, the current website migration rates will apply with payment completed before we migrate. Most migrations take about 45 minutes to 5 hours depending on files packaging, and your new hosting service tools and policies. You are always responsible to backup your own emails. We do not provide backups for emails in any of our services. Always forward your emails to a free GMAIL account to have future records of all your emails.

[1] Bing search engine organic ranking is only included in selected bundles and packages. Only Google search engine organic ranking is included in all packages. [2] This only applies to 1-year-old services and above. After 1 year, if we host your website and/ or emails, and you decide to pause services whilst hoping to maintain an active website and/ or email access, we will revert to our most basic service, Tier 1. This is the rate applied for essential services which are required to still keep the website running. However, if your web space (website files, database, and emails) consumes 11GB - 20GB, the rate will be $99.99 per month x 6 months billed upfront. If we do not host your website and you wish to cancel services, you are free to do so. If the site has a customized plugin/ extension at the time of cancellation in under 1 year of service, the full rate of the plugin/ extension must be paid or said plugin/ extension will be disabled. You can downgrade and upgrade services in your next billing cycle. If you downgrade a service, the date of downgrade is the start of a new service year and cycle for that service. If you upgrade a service, it will be billed as a continuation of the previous service in that same year. In this scenario of an upgrade whilst on a lower tier service that is 1 month or less old of a cycle, you will be discounted 20% on your new upgrade cost. Under the Tier GOLD package, if you wish to host the site and/ or control all super administrator aspects of the site, we will only provide access to all site files and domain control (if we are the registrants) after at least 6 months under that same package, else you will continue to have 100% site managerial access as the account owner. 3rd Party developers and web designers you wish to work with whilst on our hosting service will not be provided any access to our hosting platforms to avoid unvetted plugin installations that could harm other sites on our broad servers. [3] When we shut down or pause your digital marketing per your request, we do not control how long remnants of it/ breadcrumbs stay on the internet. Search engines cache contents of websites even after they have been shutdown. Most search engines may cache aspects of your digital marketing breadcrumbs for months to years even after a permanent shutdown. [4] Bundled services are combined services over an agreed fixed number of months or years in order to pay a lower rate, compared to a standard service of individual packages. Bundle services can be renewed at the end of the cycle or switched to a standard package. Switching from a bundled service to a standard package can only occur at the end of the bundled service cycle. Canceling a bundled service you have already paid for before the cycle does not guarantee any refunds. We may however choose to apply the balance to a transferrable package(s) depending on the details and status of the service request. All Guru-365™ Support services can be canceled within 24 hours of subscribing. However, a 10% fee will be deducted from the payment made to process the refund. Refunds may take up to 10 business days. [ 5] A sale(s) refers to a lead conversion where a customer or client has made full payment or a deposit based on the terms for that service. [6] Offers are invalid once they disappear from the website if a purchase or a deposit had not been paid before they were taken down. We encourage customers to read all details and disclaimers before subscribing to or purchasing any of our services. [7] All services cannot run at the same time in a month. Only one will run per month based on client preferences, SEO data, or product roll-out. If for any reason our website has not explained a service to your complete understanding, feel free to use the contact form, or chat widget to ask questions before making a purchase. Services can be cancelled before the next billing cycle.